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* With the `Dynamic` option, it's easily possible to use one Typo3 page and display different forms on that specific
page. This is nice to configure few Typo 3 pages. The disadvantage is that the user might loose the navigation.
Form process order
Depending on `form load / save` or `record delete`, different tasks are performed. Processing is divided into:
* Native FormElements like: `input`, `select list`, `checkbox`, `radio`, ....
* `upload` elements are categorized as native FormElement, but will be processed later.
* `pill`, `fieldset` and `subrecord` elements are only processed during form load, they do not impact `save` or `delete`.
* Action FormElement like `before...`, `after...`, `sendmail` ...
Each FormElement has an order.
Native FormElements which 'name':
* corresponds to a column in the form primary table: are grouped together in one insert or update query.
* do not correspond to a column in the primary table: needs an explicit defined Action FormElement to be handled.
FormElement processing order:
.. image:: Images/FormProcess.png
.. _record_locking:
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