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Notes / Best Practices for Coding
* When qfq starts, it looks for the formname at:
1. Typo3 Bodytext Element,
2. For the 'SIP' ($_GET['s'])
3. $_GET variables 'form' and 'r' (=recordId)
* The active formname is stored in $this->store->setVar(SYSTEM_FORM, $formName, STORE_SYSTEM);
* In QuickFormQuery.php the whole Form will be copied to $this->formSpec and depending on further processing, the elements are
available in $this->feNative and $this->feAction.
* The Form specificaton (table form) will be evaluated after loading.
* The FormElement specification will be evaluated later on in BuildForm*.php
* Get the recent SIP, Formname, RecordId with:
[src] $this->store->getVar('form', STORE_SIP), or
[src] $this->store->getStore(STORE_SIP)
* Check Contstants.php for known Store members
Debug / Log / Errormessages
* Before firing a SQL or doing processing of an FormElement, set some debugging / error variables:
[src] $this->store->setVar(SYSTEM_SQL_RAW, STORE_SYSTEM)
* Available fields:
SYSTEM_FORM = CLIENT_FORM; // '<formName> / <formId>'
SYSTEM_FORM_ELEMENT = 'formElement'; // '<formElementName> / <formElementeId>'
SYSTEM_FORM_ELEMENT_COLUMN = 'formElementColumn'; // '<columnname of current processed formElement>'
* Get submitted POST variables by
[src] $values = $this->store->getStore(STORE_CLIENT)
Primary Table
* For the primary table all informations are available in STORE_TABLE_DEFAULT and STORE_TABLE_COLUMN_TYPES.
* Get all columns of the primary table by
[src] array_keys($this->getStore(STORE_TABLE_COLUMN_TYPES))
* Get the recent record in STORE_RECORD and the parent record (multiforms) in STORE_PARENT_RECORD.
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