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Fixed several phinx syntax errors

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......@@ -2728,6 +2728,7 @@ Checkboxes can be rendered in mode:
* `btn-info` (light blue),
* `btn-warning` (orange),
* `btn-danger` (red).
With a given *buttonClass*, all buttons (=radios) are rendered horizontal. A value in *FormElement.maxlength* has no effect.
* *No preselection*:
......@@ -2898,7 +2899,7 @@ Uploaded images can be cut or rotate via QFQ (via fabric.js). The modified image
* Valid image file formats are SVG, PNG, JPG, GIF.
* Invalid or missing filenames results to an empty 'imageCut' element.
* *FormElement.parameter*::
* *FormElement.parameter*:
* *resizeWidth* = <empty>|[width in pixel] - the final width of the modified image. If empty (or not given), no change.
* *keepOriginal* = <empty>|[string] - By default: '.save'. If empty (no string given), don't keep the original. If an
......@@ -3194,7 +3195,7 @@ See also `downloadButton`_ to offer a download of an uploaded file.
If `downloadButton` ist empty, just shows the regular download glyph.
Additional attributes might be given like `downloadButton='t:Download|o:check file'. Please check `download`_.
Additional attributes might be given like `downloadButton='t:Download|o:check file`. Please check `download`_.
* fileSplit, fileDestinationSplit, tableNameSplit: see split-pdf-upload_
......@@ -3292,8 +3293,8 @@ page. The split is done via
* *FormElement.parameter*:
* *fileSplit*: Activate the splitting process. Only possible value: `fileSplit=svg`.
* *fileDestinationSplit*: Target directory and filename pattern for the created & splitted files. E.g.
* *fileDestinationSplit*: Target directory and filename pattern for the created & split'ed files. E.g.
* *tableNameSplit*: Reference in table 'Split' to the table, which holds the original PDF file.
The splitting happens immediately after the user pressed save.
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