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......@@ -2185,35 +2185,6 @@ Line 6: A PDF download.
Line 7: A disabled menu entry.
.. _websocket:
Sending messages via WebSocket and receiving the answer is done via: ::
SELECT 'w:ws://<host>:<port>/<path>|t:<message>' AS _websocket
Instead of '... AS _websocket' it's also possible to use '... AS _link'.
<dropdown menu symbol options>||<menu entry 1>||<menu entry 2>||...
10.sql = SELECT CONCAT('w:ws://|t:{"action":"echo","data":"hello world',,'"}') AS '_websocket'
                , CONCAT('w:ws://|t:{"action":"echo","data":"good morning',,'"}') AS '_websocket|col2|_hide'
                , CONCAT('w:ws://|t:{"action":"echo","data":"good evening',,'"}') AS '_websocket|col3|_hide'
           FROM Form AS f
           ORDER BY
           LIMIT 3
#20.sql = SELECT 'w:ws://|t:{"action":"ping","data":"my ping"}' AS '_websocket|col1', 'Datetime: ', NOW()
10.20.sql = SELECT "<br><br>-{{&col1:R}} / {{&col2:R}} / {{&col3:R}}="  
.. _drag_and_drop:
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