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Save.php: add phpDoc

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......@@ -568,6 +568,13 @@ class Save {
* Check's if the file $pathFileName should be splitted in one file per page. If no: do nothing and return.
* The only possible split target file format is 'svg': fileSplit=svg.
* The splitted files will be saved under fileDestinationSplit=some/path/to/file.%02d.svg. A printf style token,
* like '%02d', is needed to create distinguished filename's. See 'man pdf2svg' for further details.
* For every created file, a record in table 'Split' is created (see splitSvg() ), storing the pathFileName of the
* current page/file.
* @param array $formElement
* @param $pathFileName
* @throws UserFormException
......@@ -597,6 +604,9 @@ class Save {
* Split's the PDF file $pathFileNameSrc in several SVG-file, one per page.
* For every created file, a record in table 'Split' is created, storing the pathFileName to the individual file.
* @param $pathFileNameSrc
* @param $fileDestinationSplit
* @throws CodeException
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