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Manual.rst: Add note to include font-awesome.

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......@@ -7434,6 +7434,8 @@ The *tablesorter* options:
* readonly: manually mark a `view` as readonly (no FE User can change it) by setting column `readonly='true'` in table
`Setting` of the corresponding view (identified by `name`).
* Views will be saved in the table 'Setting'.
* Include 'font-awesome' CSS in your T3 page setup: `typo3conf/ext/qfq/Resources/Public/Css/font-awesome.min.css` to get the icons.
* The view 'Clear' is always available and can't be modified.
* To preselect a view, append a HTML anker to the current URL. Get the anker by selecting the view and copy it from the
browser address bar. Example::
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