Commit 4292ccfc authored by Carsten  Rose's avatar Carsten Rose
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Constants.php: reorder some constants.

parent 3b2001ef
......@@ -43,9 +43,9 @@ const SQL_FORM_ELEMENT_SIMPLE_ALL_CONTAINER = "SELECT,, fe.type, f
// SANITIZE Classifier
const SANITIZE_ALLOW_ALNUMX = "alnumx";
const SANITIZE_ALLOW_DIGIT = "digit";
const SANITIZE_ALLOW_EMAIL = "email";
const SANITIZE_ALLOW_MIN_MAX = "min|max";
const SANITIZE_ALLOW_MIN_MAX_DATE = "min|max date";
const SANITIZE_ALLOW_EMAIL = "email";
const SANITIZE_ALLOW_PATTERN = "pattern";
const SANITIZE_ALLOW_ALL = "all";
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