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Html2Pdf.php: remove check if wkhtmltopdf is executable - without the check,...

Html2Pdf.php: remove check if wkhtmltopdf is executable - without the check, it's possible to specify variables, like LD_LIBRARY_PATH, in front of the executable. The latest development version of wkhtmltopdf needs specific libssl and libcrypt libs.
Manual.rst: add a note the the latest wkhtmltopdf can be requested from the QFQ team.
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......@@ -86,11 +86,13 @@ The program is not included in QFQ and has to be manually installed.
* Best is to install the QT version from the named website above.
* In case of trouble with wkhtmltopdf, also install 'libxrender1'.
* The current version 0.12.4 might have trouble with https connections. Version 0.12.5-dev (github master branch)
seems more reliable. Please contact the QFQ authors if you need a compiled Ubuntu version of wkhtmltopdf.
In `configuration`_ specify the:
* installed `wkhtmltopdf` binary: `cmdWkhtmltopdf`.
* the site base URL: `baseUrl`.
* `cmdWkhtmltopdf=/opt/wkhtmltox/bin/wkhtmltopdf`.
* `baseUrl=`.
**Important**: To access FE_GROUP protected pages or content, it's necessary to disable the `[FE][lockIP]` check! `wkhtml`
......@@ -103,7 +105,7 @@ Configure via Typo3 Installtool `All configuration > $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['FE']`: ::
**Warning**: this disables an important anti-'session hijacking' protection. The security level of the whole installation
will be *lowered*! Again, this is only needed if `wkhtml` needs access to FE_GROUP protected pages & content. As an
alternative to lower the security level, create a separated page subtree which is only accessible (configured via
Typosript) from specific IPs **or** if a FE-User is logged in.
Typoscript) from specific IPs **or** if a FE-User is logged in.
If there are problems with converting/downloading FE_GROUP protected pages, check `SHOW_DEBUG_INFO = download` to debug.
......@@ -67,15 +67,11 @@ class Html2Pdf {
$this->config = $config;
if (!isset($config[SYSTEM_BASE_URL]) || $config[SYSTEM_BASE_URL] == '') {
throw new \exception(CONFIG_QFQ . ' - Missing ' . SYSTEM_BASE_URL, ERROR_HTML2PDF_MISSING_CONFIG);
throw new \exception('Please configure ' . SYSTEM_BASE_URL, ERROR_HTML2PDF_MISSING_CONFIG);
if (!isset($config[SYSTEM_CMD_WKHTMLTOPDF]) || $config[SYSTEM_CMD_WKHTMLTOPDF] == '') {
if (!is_executable($config[SYSTEM_CMD_WKHTMLTOPDF])) {
throw new \exception(CONFIG_QFQ . ' - ' . SYSTEM_CMD_WKHTMLTOPDF . '=' . $config[SYSTEM_CMD_WKHTMLTOPDF] . ' - not found or not executable.', ERROR_HTML2PDF_WKHTML_NOT_EXECUTABLE);
throw new \exception('Please configure ' . SYSTEM_CMD_WKHTMLTOPDF, ERROR_HTML2PDF_MISSING_CONFIG);
$this->session = Session::getInstance($phpUnit);
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