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fix broken ref to STORE_VARS

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......@@ -1928,7 +1928,7 @@ and will be processed after saving the primary record and before any action Form
* *FormElement.value* = `<string>` - By default, the full path of any already uploaded file is shown. To show something
different, e.g. only the filename, define:
* ``{{filenameBase:V}}`` (see :ref:` STORE_VARS <store_vars_form_element_upload>`)
* ``{{filenameBase:V}}`` (see :ref:`STORE_VARS<store_vars_form_element_upload>`)
* ``{{SELECT SUBSTRING_INDEX( '{{pathFileName:R}}', '/', -1) }}``
See also :ref:`download Button<downloadButton>` to offer a download of an uploaded file.
......@@ -1967,7 +1967,7 @@ FormElement.parameter
such an installation (filesystem and database) are moveable.
* If the original filename should be part of `fileDestination`, the variable *{{filename}}*
(see :ref:` STORE_VARS <store_vars_form_element_upload>`) can be used. Example ::
(see :ref:`STORE_VARS<store_vars_form_element_upload>`) can be used. Example ::
fileDestination={{SELECT 'fileadmin/user/pictures/',, '-{{filename}}' FROM Person AS p WHERE{{id:R0}} }}
......@@ -2029,7 +2029,7 @@ FormElement.parameter
`fe.value`. The button is only shown if `fe.value` points to a readable file on the server.
* If `downloadButton` is empty, just shows the regular download glyph.
* To just show the filename: `downloadButton = t:{{filenameOnly:V}}` (see :ref:` STORE_VARS <store_vars_form_element_upload>`)
* To just show the filename: `downloadButton = t:{{filenameOnly:V}}` (see :ref:`STORE_VARS<store_vars_form_element_upload>`)
* Additional attributes might be given like `downloadButton = t:Download|o:check file|G:0`. Please check :ref:`download`.
* *fileUnzip* - If the file is a ZIP file (only then) it will be unzipped. If no directory is given via ``fileUnzip``, the
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