Commit 361a7430 authored by bbaer's avatar bbaer
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Should only show reload button and be modal when the conflict is mandatory.

parent d98e542b
......@@ -261,7 +261,8 @@ var QfqNS = QfqNS || {};
buttons: messageButtons
message.on('alert.reload', function () {
  • Commit message refers to previous commit (which has a completely wrong commit message)

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  • What's the purpose of $(window).unload();? What's the difference between $(window).location.reload() and window.location.reload() (except for the obvious "one is jquery the other native JS")?

  • According to the internet there is sometimes different behaviour, just wanted to try it. I guess like everything from jQuery, they try to keep the behaviour of the function constant across different browsers and js implementations.

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