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Multi Form
`Multi Forms` are like regular forms, but work on 'n' records at the same time.
`Multi Forms` are like a regular with the difference that the shown FormElements are repeated for each selected record
(defined by 'multiformSql').
Image a form with 3 native FormElements, a statement `multiFormSql={{!SELECT AS _id FROM Person AS p}}` and 20 records
in table `Person`: QFQ will show a form with a table of 3 columns and 20 rows with FormElements, arranged in a table.
The Form is shown as a table.
* multiFormSql: A uniq column 'id' or '_id' is required. Columns
* multiFormSql: Selects the primary record where the defined FormElements will work on.
* A uniq column 'id' or '_id' (not shown) is mandatory and has to reflect an existing record id in table `primary table`.
* Additional columns, defined in multiFormSql, will be shown in the same line, before the FormElements.
Simple mode
* The represents a column of the given primary table.
* It's not possible to create new records.
* Only existing records can be selected and edited in this mode.
* Per multiFormSql row, the STORE_RECORD is filled with the whole record of the primary table, defined by ``.
* The existing values of such FormElements are automatically loaded.
* No further definition is required.
* The is not a column of the primary table.
* The insert/update/delete of each non-primary table record has to be manually defined.
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