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* TinyMCE (, community edition) is used as the QFQ Rich Text Editor.
* The content will be saved as HTML inside the database.
* The content will be saved as HTML code in the database.
* *FormElement.encode*
* *none*: No encoding at all. Might produce problems with single ticks if the content is reprocessed by QFQ variables.
* *specialchar*: For Editor, this is not useful at all! All HTML tags will be HTML entity encoded. The tags loose their HTML meaning!
* *single tick*: **Recommended** for Editor. Single ticks will be HTML entity converted where possible.
* *FormElement.checktype*
* *all*: The only useful setting for Editor. HTML tags might contain % ' " < > and so on. This is **dangerous** for malicous code! There is no other option.
* All configuration and plugins will be configured via the 'parameter' field. Just prepend the word 'editor-' in front
of each TinyMCE keyword. Check possible options under:
Supports Markdown
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