Commit 260ba45c authored by Rafael Ostertag's avatar Rafael Ostertag
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Use proper syntax to call the shell

parent 5079e439
......@@ -2,8 +2,8 @@ PHPDOC ?= support/pear/phpdoc
JSDOC ?= jsdoc
PKG_VERSION = $(shell awk '/version/ { print $$3 }' extension/ext_emconf.php | sed "s/'//g")
NIGHTLY_DATE = $(shell date '+%Y%m%d')
GIT_REVISION_SHORT = $(git rev-parse --short HEAD || true)
GIT_REVISION_LONG = $(git rev-parse HEAD || true)
GIT_REVISION_SHORT = $(shell git rev-parse --short HEAD || true)
GIT_REVISION_LONG = $(shell git rev-parse HEAD || true)
EXTENSION_CONTENT = Classes Configuration Documentation qfq Resources ext_emconf.php ext_localconf.php ext_tables.php ext_icon.png config.example.ini
all: archive t3sphinx
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