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......@@ -289,15 +289,15 @@ Specific FormElement 'upload'
The directive `fillStoreVar` will fill the store VARS with custom values. Existing Store VARS values will be merged together with them.
E.g.: ::
The directive `fillStoreVar` will fill the store VARS with custom values.::
fillStoreVar = {{! SELECT, FROM Person AS p WHERE{{pId:S}} }}
* After filling the store, the values can be retrieved via `{{name:V}}` and `{{email:V}}`.
* Be careful by specifying general purpose variables like `id`, `r`, `pageId` and so on. This might conflict with existing variables.
* `fillStoreVar` can be used in :ref:`form-parameter` and :ref:`fe-parameter-attributes`
* Already existing variables with different names will be merged.
* Already existing variables with same names will be overwritten.
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