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......@@ -65,3 +65,34 @@ Use with LDAP: `typeAheadLdap`
* Defines the string minlegth, typed by the user, before the first lookup is started. Default is 2.
### data-typeahead-pedantic
* If present, only suggested values are allowed in the input element
## Tags Form Element
The tags form element depends on Typeahead by default. The following attributes define the tags form element, additional to the attributes for Typeahead (see above).
Mockups can be found in `mockup/typahead.php`
### .data-typeahead-tags
* If present, the field becomes a tag field
### .data-typeahead-tag-delimiters
* List of ascii key codes of the keys which may be pressed to add a new tag when typing.
### .value
* JSON encoded list of key value pairs of existing tags. e.g.
`[{value: "Alaska", key: "AK"}, {value: "Alabama", key: "AL"}]`
### POST data
* JSON encoded list of key value pairs of the selected tags. e.g.
`[{value: "Alaska", key: "AK"}, {value: "Alabama", key: "AL"}]`
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