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......@@ -563,3 +563,30 @@ Current Page
: Issued by the Server. It is a command prompting the Client to
navigate away from the Current Page.
### Tablesorter Save View
To save a table view the client sends a post request with the following data:
"name": "<name of view>",
"public": <boolean>,
"tableId": "<id of table to which view belongs>",
"view": {
"columnSelection": <array of chosen column ids>,
"filters": <array of strings>,
"sortList": <array of arrays of length 2>
Request URL
: api/save.php
Request Method
URL Parameters
: `s=<SIP>` - to prove permission.
Server Response
: The response contains at least a [Minimal Response].
......@@ -12,11 +12,11 @@ General Concept
* There is one PHP file to handle all REST calls:
* All further endpoints are appended after rest.php, seperated by '/'. Example:
The argument 'myEmail' is just to show how GET variables will be submitted.
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ GET - export
curl -X GET "http://localhost/qfq/typo3conf/ext/qfq/Classes/api/rest.php/restPerson"
curl -X GET "http://localhost/qfq/typo3conf/ext/qfq/Classes/Api/rest.php/restPerson"
......@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ POST - insert
curl -X POST "http://localhost/qfq/typo3conf/ext/qfq/Classes/api/rest.php/restPerson" -d '{"name":"Miller","firstname":"Jonni"}'
curl -X POST "http://localhost/qfq/typo3conf/ext/qfq/Classes/Api/rest.php/restPerson" -d '{"name":"Miller","firstname":"Jonni"}'
......@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@ PUT - update
curl -X PUT "http://localhost/qfq/typo3conf/ext/qfq/Classes/api/rest.php/restPerson/1" -d '{"name":"Miller","firstname":"Jonni"}'
curl -X PUT "http://localhost/qfq/typo3conf/ext/qfq/Classes/Api/rest.php/restPerson/1" -d '{"name":"Miller","firstname":"Jonni"}'
......@@ -83,7 +83,7 @@ Delete
curl -X DELETE "http://localhost/qfq/typo3conf/ext/qfq/Classes/api/rest.php/restPerson/1"
curl -X DELETE "http://localhost/qfq/typo3conf/ext/qfq/Classes/Api/rest.php/restPerson/1"
......@@ -97,7 +97,7 @@ Header Token Authorization
curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: Token token="mySuperSecretToken"' "http://localhost/qfq/typo3conf/ext/qfq/Classes/api/rest.php/restPerson/"
curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: Token token="mySuperSecretToken"' "http://localhost/qfq/typo3conf/ext/qfq/Classes/Api/rest.php/restPerson/"
Static token
......@@ -120,6 +120,6 @@ Append the GET variable `?XDEBUG_SESSION_START=1`
curl -X POST "http://localhost/qfq/typo3conf/ext/qfq/Classes/api/rest.php/restPerson?XDEBUG_SESSION_START=1" -d '{"name":"Miller","firstname":"Jonni"}'
curl -X POST "http://localhost/qfq/typo3conf/ext/qfq/Classes/Api/rest.php/restPerson?XDEBUG_SESSION_START=1" -d '{"name":"Miller","firstname":"Jonni"}'
PhpStorm with activated debugger will stop at any breakpoint and 'stepping' through the code is possible.
General Concept
Tablesorter supports filter, column on/off and sort.
A QFQ enhancement allows save/delete/activate of custom tablesorter `views`. This feature is described in this document.
QFQ uses the table 'Setting' to store per user, public and readonly settings. At time of writing only 'tablesorter' settings
are supported. Further settings might come in the future.
Show table with tablesorter activate/save/delete
A page with a HTML table includes the command `{{'<uniqueName>' AS _tablesorter-view-saver}}` inside of the HTML table tag.
QFQ will replace the command::
<table {{ 'allperson' AS _tablesorter-view-saver }} class="tablesorter tablesorter-filter tablesorter-column-selector"> ... </table>
<table data-tablesorter-id='allperson' data-tablesorter-sip='5d0e29c4eacc2'
data-tablesorter-view='[{"name":"test","public":false,"tableId":"mytable","view":"eyJjb2x1bW5TZWxlY3Rpb24iOlswLDEsMiwzXSwiZmlsdGVycyI6WyIiLCIiLCIiLCIiXSwic29ydExpc3QiOltdfQ=="}]' class="table tablesorter tablesorter-column-selector tablesorter-filter tablesorter-pager">
tableId: the '<uniqueName>', in the example it's 'allperson'
feUser: the current logged in FE user. If no FE user is logged in, take the QFQ cookie. With this workaround, it's at
least possible to work with 'views' during a browser session.
data-tablesorter-view: JSON encoded array
Array of views.
Each view:
['name'] - Name of the view. Value is html entity encoded.
['public'] - true or false. false mean's 'private'.
['tableId'] - '<uniqueName>' - this is the filter to assign views to a specific HTML table.
['view'] - base64 encoded JSON array. It's base64 encoded for two reasons:
a) we do not have to take care about SQL injection (the user might supply filter strings, incl. regex expressions)
b) the JSON array will contain '}}', which confuses QFQ/evaluate.
QFQ will collect all views:
a) all private views of the current table and FE User,
b) all public views of the current table.
Save tablesorter view
The user might click on 'Save Private View' or 'Save Public View'.
A Ajax Post request to
The SIP is the one given by `data-tablesorter-sip` and contains `tableId` and `feUser`. The SIP is right to manipulate the views.
The POST contains:
feUser - fe user login name
mode - missing or 'delete' if the given view should be deleted
public - true|false
name - name of the view
view - base64 encoded tablesorter filter/order/column selector.
Response setting.php
setting.php will always answer with a JSON stream (Minimal response):
"status": "success"|"error",
"message": "<message>"
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