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Manual.rst: add back to form editor report.

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......@@ -8289,10 +8289,11 @@ has the form be used. The following report includes the regular `form-editor`_ a
20 {
# All forms
sql = SELECT CONCAT('p:{{pageAlias:T}}&form=Form&r=', as _pagee
, CONCAT(, ' <span class="text-muted">(',, ')</span>')
, QMORE(f.title,50)
, f.tableName
, CONCAT('p:{{pageAlias:T}}&formIdHistory=',, '|s|b|t:<span class="badge">', COUNT(, '</span>', IF(COUNT(,'|r:3','') ) as _link
, CONCAT('p:{{pageAlias:T}}&formIdHistory=',, '|s|b|t:<span class="badge">', COUNT(, '</span>'
, IF(COUNT(, '|r:3','') ) as _link
, CONCAT( '<em><span title="',MIN(fsl.created), '">', DATE_FORMAT( MIN( fsl.created), '%d.%m.%Y'), '</span></em>')
, CONCAT( '<em><span title="',MAX(fsl.created), '">', DATE_FORMAT( MAX( fsl.created), '%d.%m.%Y'), '</span></em>')
, CONCAT('<em>', GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT fsl.pageId ORDER BY fsl.pageId), '<em>')
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