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......@@ -318,7 +318,7 @@ Server Response
: The response contains a [Minimal Response].
### Record(s) delete
### Record delete
Request the deletion of the record identified by the SIP. The SIP might contain a SIP_TABLE and/or a SIP_FORM.
If both are specified, SIP_FORM will be taken. With SIP_FORM, the tableName is derived from the form.
......@@ -353,6 +353,43 @@ URL Parameters
Server Response
: The response contains at least a [Minimal Response]. In addition, a [Typeahead dict],
### Record lock
Request, extend or release a lock for a record, identified by the SIP. The SIP contain a SIP_FORM and a SIP_R (record id).
To detect record change at time of 'record lock' or 'record save', a MD5 hash is provided from the server
and needs to pass back to dirty.php as well.
: api/dirty.php
Request Method
URL Parameters
: `s=<SIP>` (form, r)
: `action=lock`, `action=extend`, `action=release>`
: `recordHashMd5=<value of hidden form element 'recordHashMd5'>`
Server Response
: The response contains an [Lock Response].
### Lock Response
Asynchronous request (read AJAX) initiated by the Client receive a
JSON Response from the server (extended [Minimal Response]) containing:
"status": "success"|"error"|"conflict"|"conflict_allow_force",
"message": "<message>"
`status` indicates how the request has been fullfiled by the server.
On`"success"`, the Client display nothing to the user.
On one of`"error"|"conflict"|"conflict_allow_force"` the Client must display `"<message>"` to the user.
On `"conflict"` the Client opens the alert as modal dialog (user can't change anything on the form) with a 'reload current
form' button.
On `"conflict_allow_force"` the Client opens the alert non-modal (default).
## Glossary
......@@ -274,13 +274,23 @@ class QuickFormQuery {
$answer = $dirty->checkDirtyAndRelease($formMode, $this->formSpec[F_RECORD_LOCK_TIMEOUT_SECONDS],
$this->formSpec[F_DIRTY_MODE], $this->formSpec[F_TABLE_NAME], $recordId, true);
// in case of a conflict, return immediately
// In case of a conflict, return immediately
return $answer;
// FORM_LOAD: if there is an foreign exclusive record lock - show form in F_MODE_READONLY mode.
if ($formMode === FORM_LOAD) {
$dirty = new Dirty();
$recordDirty = array();
$rcLockFound = $dirty->getCheckDirty($this->formSpec[F_TABLE_NAME], $recordId, $recordDirty, $msg);
if (($rcLockFound == LOCK_FOUND_CONFLICT || $rcLockFound == LOCK_FOUND_OWNER) && $recordDirty[F_DIRTY_MODE] == DIRTY_MODE_EXCLUSIVE) {
$this->formSpec[F_MODE] = F_MODE_READONLY;
if ($formMode === FORM_DELETE) {
$build = new Delete();
......@@ -936,7 +946,7 @@ class QuickFormQuery {
if (count($data) > 0) {
$collect[API_FORM_UPDATE][] = $data;
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