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    #3899 / Copy/Paste · cc55f4fb
    Carsten Rose authored
    Manual.rst: various topics undocumented.
    DatabaseUpdate.php: New table Clipboard, New FE.type='paste', New Form.forwardMode='url-sip' - will be applied for 0.18.3.
    FormAction.php: New: doAllFormElementPaste(), prepareDuplicate(), checkNCopyFiles(), copyRecord()
    Store.php: New member in STORE_CLIENT 'CLIENT_COOKIE_QFQ' - might be used to identify current user.
    BuildFormBootstrap.php: New buildButtonCopyForm().
    QuickFormQuery.php: Calculating the target page now happens after saving the current record and processing all after save actions. New: pasteClipboard()
    formEditor.sql: New form 'copyForm'. New table 'Clipboard'