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    #3385 / templateGroup: insert/update/delete non primary records · 8db50d60
    Carsten Rose authored
    Manual.rst: update doc how to insert/update/delete non primary templateGroup records.
    FormAction.php: removed $templateGroupIndex - solved implicit by defining a LIMIT on 'slaveId' . Implemented '%D' (one below %d). Implemented FE_SQL_HONOR_FORM_ELEMENTS - reduces unecassary SQL queries.
    HelperFormElement.php: moved function 'explodeTemplateGroupElements()' to 'QuickFormQuery.php'
    Database.php: remove call to explodeTemplateGroupElements() - not necessary at that place.
    QuickFormQuery.php: fill STORE_RECORD during Formload - to read templateGroup records very early. Local copy of `getNativeFormElements()`, new `explodeTemplateGroupElements()`