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    [NOTE] Feature #4431 / FE.type=note: QFQ Report Syntax in 'FE.value' and 'FE.note' · 47fa3b4a
    Carsten Rose authored
    Manual.rst: describe how to activate 'report' syntax.
    Support.php: implement 'unWrapTag()'
    Report: Code reformat
    FillStoreForm.php: remove unwanted '<p>' tag around content if TinyMCE is used, before saving the content
    AbstractBuildForm.php: new processReportSyntax().
    formEditor.sql: Change FormElement Editor column 'note' from Editor (TinyMCE) to ordinary TextArea. This was necessary cause TinyMCE is based on HTML and linebreaks are completely replaced by <br>. It's difficult to support both, HTML and plain text at the same time.