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**Warning**: works for Euler, the other models need to be checked.
### 1D code
To use the 1D code, all the information is in the [README](/Test1D/ in folder [Test1D](/Test1D), where all the executions should be made (compilation and running of the tests.
### Compilation
Please find the Makefile in Test1D and Test2D accordingly.
In 1D the file is called `Makefile_1D.gfortran`, while in 2D it is `Makefile 2D.gfortran`. To compile go in the Test1D or Test2D folder and type:
# How to run 1D tests
The [source folder](/Src1D) is in the main folder and it must be compiled from the folder [Test1D](/Test1D) (where a Makefile for gfortran is located), so that the bin1D and mod1D folders will be created in Test1D.
In the [makefile](/Test1D/Makefile.1D.gfortran) one can switch between different models commenting and uncommenting the first lines.
Compile as:
make -f Makefile.1D.gfortran dec
To run a test go into a Test folder, for example [Test1D/Test1D_Burgers](/Test1D/Test1D_Burgers), edit the don1d file with the desired parameters and then type from that folder
../bin1D/main_dec.out 1000
where the number is the number of cells.
The results are saved in the folder TEST inside the Test1D_Burgers folder.
To visualize the solution, one can use the python scripts in folder [Test1D/viewerScripts1D/](/Test1D/viewerScripts1D/)
where scripts are available for systems of 1 [](/Test1D/viewerScripts1D/, 2 [](/Test1D/viewerScripts1D/ and 3 equations [](/Test1D/viewerScripts1D/ Run the script specifying the TEST folder at the end: example
python ../viewerScripts1D/ --dir TEST
One can use the arrows to change between different timesteps.
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