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    Revert "I've read, commented, cleaned and (to a certain extent) corrected the... · 52a6e305
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    Revert "I've read, commented, cleaned and (to a certain extent) corrected the 1D code. All the changes are in the README present in Src1D and we can discuss if integrating them or not in the main branch. Most of the changes (epsecially the critical ones) have been discussed with Davide. In particular I added ._DP to all the assignments involving real(DP) variables, I removed the DP at the exponents when we elevate sth to the power of some integer, this is the only case where one should not put DP (for example x**2, here it is better not to put DP). mood was totally in SP (it wasn't simply missing ._DP, the variables were al declaread as REAL(SP)). I applied the BC before and after the udating in fin() (otherwise we make a mistake when we want to impose strong Dirichlet, in the README it is explained better). I think we should import the corrections in the main branch, maybe not all the comments even if I think that this version may be very useful to the ones who are starting to work on the code for the first time. I did it also for the 1d code but in a less cleaned way so it is better not to upload it, or at least not now. Best :)"
    This reverts commit f3d858e2.
    I uploaded my changes in the main XD