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Fixed CHANGELOG file

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......@@ -7,8 +7,10 @@ CHANGELOG
In case of parsing a TOML filename use the new method `parseFile`.
* Methods `parse` and `parseFile` from `Toml` class accept a new argument `resultAsObject`
(optional) to return the parsed input as an object (an instance of `stdClass`).
* The method `addGroup` of `TomlBuilder` class has been deleted.
* The exceptions have been refactored, so the classes `ExceptionInterface`,
`LexerException` and `RuntimeException` have been removed.
* Added the inner exception when a `ParseException` is thrown in method `parse` of class `Toml`.
* Fixed bug #13: "Inline sub-tables don't work".
* Better support for dates as specified in the latest TOML spec. See PR #11.
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