Commit 949f7738 authored by Benjamin Baer's avatar Benjamin Baer
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2 replies work, better log texts to differentiate tl-xinit pkill and pkill -u user -KILL

parent 23aba0cb
......@@ -40,13 +40,13 @@ class LogoutUser(managementagent.RabbitModule):
if returnCode == 0:"User %s logout succesfull", username)
self.send_reply(reply_to, 0, "Ended sessions for %s" % (username,))
self.send_reply(reply_to, 0, "Ended tl session for %s" % (username,))
elif returnCode == 1:
logger.warning("User %s not logged in", username)
self.send_reply(reply_to, returnCode, "pkill command did find no matching process (%i) for user %s" % (returnCode, username))
self.send_reply(reply_to, returnCode, "pkill command couldn't find a tl-xinit process (%i) for user %s" % (returnCode, username))
logger.warning("Failed to logout user %s", username)
self.send_reply(reply_to, returnCode, "Error executing pkill command (%i) for user %s" % (returnCode, username))
self.send_reply(reply_to, returnCode, "Error executing pkill tl-xinit command (%i) for user %s" % (returnCode, username))
if returnCode2 == 0:"User %s processes killed", username)
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