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# Relaxation Deferred Correction notebook
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This notebook is an extension of the original [Relaxation Runge--Kutta Notebook]( provided by D. Ketcheson and H. Ranocha on the work of H. Ranocha, M. Sayyari, L. Dalcin, M. Parsani and D. I. Ketcheson on [Relaxation Runge--Kutta Methods: Fully Discrete Explicit Entropy-Stable Schemes for the Compressible Euler and Navier--Stokes Equations](
Here we use the Deferred Correction method as a Runge--Kutta method. The implementation of the Deferred Correction method as a Runge--Kutta method is included in []( and explained in details in the work [Relaxation Deferred Correction Methods and their Applications to Residual Distribution Schemes ]( by R. Abgrall, E. Le Mélédo, P. Öffner and D. Torlo.
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# Setup
Note that this notebook was developed with NodePy version 0.7.
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